Running Assessment Service

A physiotherapy running assessment can help you prevent injury, improve performance, and achieve your running goals – from beginners right through to elite runners.

Treadmill Assessment

Whilst running is a great form of exercise, injuries are common – with up to 80% of runners experiencing injury in a given year. Most often, running injuries result from training errors, musculoskeletal deficits or running technique – and all of these factors can be modified.

As well as devoted runners themselves, Mat & Kirsty have undertaken further training in running analysis, biomechanics and injury prevention – and are passionate about helping you prevent injuries, maximise your performance, and get the most out of your running.

What does a running assessment involve?

  • Understanding each runner’s individual training history, injury history, footwear and running goals
  • Detailed musculoskeletal assessment, reviewing strength, flexibility and control
  • Treadmill running assessment, incorporating video analysis of running biomechanics

From this, you will receive a detailed report of the assessment in a follow-up session, where we will go through the assessment and discuss specific recommendations with you, along with going through any recommended exercises or technique modifications in the clinic to correct any identified issues. Runners can also receive a copy of their video analysis to help them track their progress over time.

What to bring?

  • Your usual running clothes
  • Your usual running shoes

To make an appointment with Mat or Kirsty for a running assessment, see our Contact page.