About Us

SmartStride was established by Mat Prior and Kirsty Prior, two Adelaide physiotherapists with a passion for running.

SmartStride aims to provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based information on all things running, and is committed to providing quality running science and running-specific physiotherapy to runners of all levels – from beginners right through to elite athletes.

Through using the most up-to-date science and knowledge of running biomechanics and running injuries, our key goal is to assist runners of all levels to stay injury-free and achieve their goals – and enjoy their running!


Mat Prior

Masters of Sports Physiotherapy, B. Physio (Hons), MAPA

Mat is an APA-accredited Sports Physiotherapist, with extensive experience in managing athletes and sporting injuries at both recreational and elite levels. Mat has also undergone further advanced training in sporting injury and running biomechanics.

A keen distance runner himself, Mat is a running science nerd, and very passionate about the biomechanics of running technique, and the importance of education in the prevention and treatment of running injuries; that runners and athletes know how their bodies work, and more importantly what to do to keep them injury-free and performing at their best.

Mat is also a passionate advocate of physiotherapy research and evidence-based treatment, and has published several peer-reviewed scientific articles, along with teaching and mentoring undergraduate physio students.



Kirsty Prior

B. Physio, Cred. McKenzie Therapy, MAPA

Kirsty graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2002 from the University of South Australia, and has had extensive experience in the area of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, both in Australia and England.

A passionate runner herself, Kirsty has completed further training in running injury prevention and biomechanical analysis. She has a particular interest in identifying, and improving, functional movement and strength deficits to assist in injury prevention and performance.

Kirsty has an extensive background in running, having completed several Marathons and more recently turned her hand to long-course triathlons; and has a passion for helping her clients achieve their goals.